The William and Mary Collaborative Writing Project is intended to neither be a starting nor an ending point for faculty who are considering integrating collaborative writing into their teaching, but rather an ever-evolving place where faculty can share their ideas, concerns, and best practices. In our document, we include the following concept maps to depict our assumptions about the value of collaborative writing.


In our discussions and contributions, at least one common theme emerged. In order for collaborative writing to be smoothly embedded into college teaching, we agreed that there must be a planning stage, and implementation stage, and an evaluation stage. in other words, it is best to "begin with the end in mind".


Our collaboration began in a 5 day workshop and progressed through exchanges in Google Documents and the editing and production stage for the manual. By making this manual available to all interested faculty (both here at William and Mary and beyond), and by initiating this new collaborative wiki space, we hope to open this collaboration back up so that it can morph, evolve, and grow.


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