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Using Collaborative Writing to Support Student Learning

Pamela Eddy, PhD., Educational Policy, Planning & Leadership, The College of William & Mary
April Lawrence, Doctoral Student, Educational Policy, Planning & Leadership, Academic Technologist, The College of William and Mary


  • Find your index card and fill in the following information:
  • Who are you and where are you from?
  • Why are you interested in collaborative writing?
  • What is your email address?

Map of represented institutions from the session

-I'm interested in ways to make history both more engaging and more relevant to experience outside the classroom, so collaborative writing seems like one way forward. (Rice University)

-Interested in explanation/samples/ideas for use is student assignments. (Jefferson College of Health Sciences)

-Is this method applicable for freshman students? (King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia)

-I teach a second year composition course using PBL. Some of the products students create are group papers, presentations, and PowerPoint. (University of Cincinnatti)

-Working on a couple of manuscripts about faculty/grad student collaborative writing. (University of Virginia)
-Always interested in different approaches to improving students' writing skills. (George Brown College, Toronto)

-I use some assignments for team/collaborative writing. Always looking for ideas. (Virginia Tech)

-For the past 7/8 years, PHCC has been involved in Active Collaborative Learning in all classes. (Patrick Henry Community College)

-Interested in collaborative writing to teach freshman composition. (Virginia Commonwealth University)

-I am interested in best practices for wikis, and I hoped that learning more about collaborative writing would help me build better wiki assignments. (University of Pittsburgh)
-I teach composition & work in the writing center, so the title attracted me. (Rockland Community College)

-My interest is mainly in how to effectively structure collaborative writing assignments for online learning. (University of Pittsburgh)

-Interested in preparing for when I begin teaching and research as a prof. (University of Virginia)

-Use collaborative writing as a major learning tool. (Radford University)


  • W&M Collaborative Writing Project
  • Assumptions/Lit Review


  • Sample Entryway Assignments
    • Single Author Peer Review
    • Google Docs
    • Blackboard
    • Wikis


  • Please take 5 minutes to reflect on ways that collaborative writing could add to your course content and to student learning. We will share our brainstorming here:

    • Medical Laboratory Science: Case Study Diagnosis
    • Occupational Therapy Assistant: Wiki Site for Prospective OTS Students
    • English: Wiki to collaborate on a project
    • Instructional Designer: Pharmacy- Post a case on a wiki, students generate diagnosis. Add more info about the case, then students can deepen and continue with more diagnosis.
    • Genetics counselors: Groups create a case study for their disorder.