The William and Mary Collaborative Writing Project is a collaboration between William and Mary Faculty and Academic Technology. Our goal is to engage faculty in a conversation about the merits of integrating collaborative writing into their teaching. The document at the right is a culmination of this ongoing collaboration. This manual provides an overview of collaborative writing, tips on implementing collaborative writing projects, as well as sample lessons and rubrics that explore collaborative writing through single author peer review, Google Documents, wikis, and Blackboard. We have also provided a Word version of this manual so that you may download and use (and dissect, alter, and adjust) any of the contents (lessons, sample directions, rubrics) to best suit your assignment objectives.

Download the William and Mary Collaborative Writing Project in Word

Our hope is that this wiki provides a place for faculty to further this collaboration. There is a Discussion Forum where you are invited to begin discussions or to pose questions regarding teaching with collaborative writing.

Additionally, we hope that faculty will visit the Best Practices page to upload and share specific lessons and ideas from their particular disciplines.

If you need any assistance navigating the wiki or uploading files, please feel free to contact April Lawrence, W&M Academic Technologist, at


Click the front page to open the document. Click the bottom left corner of each page to flip the page.
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